Cleaning Supply Office Payment Options

You can use one of our easy and reliable payment methods for your shopping on our website

- With money order / EFT

- With credit card

Payment by Wire Transfer/EFT

In payments made by wire transfer; Payment confirmation must be made within 2 business days at the most.

Orders that cannot be approved for payment within 2 working days are automatically canceled through the system.


For orders that you will place by wire transfer / EFT, after choosing the bank you will make the payment at the payment steps, do not forget to specify your 8-digit order number on the Order confirmation page in the Remittance / EFT explanation section and enter the total amount in full. This will make your payment confirmation faster.

For Domestic Sales

- Garanti Bankası A.Ş.

  Dudullu Branch - Istanbul

  Iban Number: TR76 0006 2000 6710 0006 2964 39

- Denizbank

  Yedpa Branch - Istanbul

  Iban Number: TR11 0013 4000 0044 3120 7000 01

For Overseas Sales (Export)

- Denizbank ($)

  Yedpa Branch - Istanbul


  Iban Number: TR81 0013 4000 0044 3120 7000 02

- Denizbank (€)

  Yedpa Branch - Istanbul


  Iban Number: TR97 0013 4000 0044 3120 7000 05

Payment by Credit Card

You can pay for your order online with your credit card for your purchases on

For purchases made with a credit card; If necessary, payment confirmation may be requested by contacting you via the contact information registered in your bank.

After the bank order confirmation is entered into the system, your order will enter the preparation and shipping process.

You can pay for your shopping with all credit cards in a single transaction.

NEGOTIATIONS WITH BANKS CONTINUE (The banks with which the agreement has been reached will be added here)

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Using Visa/Mastercard/Paypal

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